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The Happiness Index Project 2021

17 November, 2021

QS I-GAUGE is glad to announce the launch of The Happiness Index project in collaboration with ASSOCHAM as our Strategic Partner.

The Happiness Index Project is an opportunity for schools, colleges, and universities to know the level of happiness and well-being of their students. The successful outcome of the project awards a certificate to the participating institutions.

Through this project, we aim to get the pulse of students' happiness with their institution and educational journey. An analytical summary of this initiative will be shared with stakeholders, enabling them to promote happiness in the education community through enhanced learner wellbeing and holistic development.

It is indeed a great opportunity for us to collaborate in the Happiness journey which can have a direct impact on students’ learning experiences and well-being. Upon registration, you will receive detailed communication on the program and the next steps.

To know more about the project please Click Here.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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